Welcome to Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Christopher Newport!  We are a Global and National Christian ministry that exists to reach and equip students to serve Christ and His church. We invest in the lives of students, faculty, staff, and local churches for the glory of God. We believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives, families, and communities. We aim to develop and unlock the potential of God's people, multiplying their Kingdom impact.


As a ministry, we preach and teach the Gospel and have a fun and warm community that is dedicated to loving the university and the local church. My staff and I are on campus every day of the week and are devoted to sharing the Word of God with students. On the weekends you'll find Jeff preaching and teaching in the region, connecting with churches and serving them. 


We Meet Weekly:

  • Large Group: larger worship service

  • Small Groups: smaller discipleship groups

  • One-on-One's: counseling, care, friendship


Ministry Opportunities:

  • Leadership: apply to become a leader

  • Internship: apply to become a staff member

  • Pastoral Intern: message Jeff if seminary or working in a local church is a desire


RUF is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). RUF is not a parachurch ministry because we are intimately connected with the local church. We are sent from the church and connect our students and faculty to the church. We offer rides to church and connect students with local churches weekly. Rev. Lee can often be found preaching and teaching in local churches on Sundays.

For more information on Reformed University Fellowship or the Presbyterian Church of America: Click Links


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8:00 PM


City Life Church