We disciple and train students to become leaders in RUF so that they might impact their student body for Christ but also so they learn how to use their God-given gifts for His glory!

Leadership Teams:

  • Servant Team (Service, Hospitality, Outreach)
  • Music Team (Planning, Practicing, Playing)
  • Small Group (Bible Study, Discussion)
  • Community Group (Hanging Out, Events, Prayer)

Freshman Discipleship:

  • Fall Semester: We desire to see students serve both Christ and his Church and in order to see students do that we disciple students who wish to serve and take on the mantel of leadership! Students who desire to serve CNU and their peers can begin meeting one-on-one with Rev. Lee or Patrick or Madison as early as their Fall Semester (Freshman year) so that Spring semester onward, they might be more equipped to reach their peers for Christ.ven though Freshman who apply  Fall Semester cannot become "official leaders" until their Spring Semester, they can begin to serve their peers by inviting them to events, small groups and Tuesday night Large Groups.
  • Spring Semester: Students who have applied to be leaders in October and been accepted in December are invited to come to Spring Semester Leadership Meetings. These meetings are bi-weekly at the Lee's house, where we come together to have fun, plan, organize and learn. 
  • Training: We want to see our student leaders use their gifts for God's glory so we train and equip them so that they can flourish and not burn out quickly. We are rare organization at CNU, where we deeply care for our leaders and encourage them to frequently rest (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Freshman meet either with Rev. Jeff Lee or one of the Interns in order to be mentored and discipled.  Meetings are usually 30 - 45 minutes bi-weekly. 

How Do I Apply? 

  • Student Leader Applications will be posted (Here), on our RUF Facebook Group, as well as given out at our Wednesday night Large Group. 
  • Applications go out in Mid-October.
  • Applications are due the last week of November.

What Does Leadership Training Look Like?

  • Bi-weekly meetings with Rev. Lee or an Intern
  • Walking through Theological Doctrines (Bible, Justification, Sanctification, God's Sovereignty, etc.)
  • Training on the Distinctives of RUF Ministry on Campus (Philosophy of Ministry - POM)
  • Attending Leadership Team Meetings in the Spring Semester